Reliable Energy Analytics

Data and Security Analytics for the Electric industry


14 years of experience building ISO New England's Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform & Technical Architecture

About Us


Our Experience

Energy Data Analysis; Over 14 years designing and developing ISO New England's Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platforms and Technical Architecture provides us with an intimate understanding of data across the functions performed by ISO New England. Our consultants have a deep understanding of, and experience working with, the following data areas:

  • Forward Capacity Market 
  • Energy  (DA/RT) Markets
  • Ancillary Services (Operating Reserves and Regulation)
  • Financial Transmission Rights
  • Outages
  • Operations
  • Forecasting
  • Binding Constraints
  • Settlement Results, Billing/Invoices  (All markets)
  • Market Monitoring and Mitigation


Service Offerings

Our services provide stake holders, regulators and government agencies with an expert level understanding of the data and functions across the energy integration spectrum in New England. Since 1995, we have represented clients in committee meetings during the development of NAESB standards and other rule making activities to ensure that client needs are being addressed. Our services include the following:

  • Advisory services, including participation in committee meetings and NAESB standards development, to  ensure that client needs are being addressed in the market designs, standards, technologies and data models of any future solutions being proposed by ISO New England or NAESB. This ensures that your business, data and technical needs are being addressed right from the start, before regulations are imposed or market changes go into effect.
  • Implementation services, project administration, solution architecture and testing services for FERC Order 850 (Supply Chain CIP-013 regulations) and FERC Order 859 (e-forms)
  • Design and Development consulting services for robust data analytics platforms based on Oracle Technologies (OBIEE) used in Risk Management, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining in the Wholesale Energy Markets 
  • Testing and Verification
    • Functional testing and verification of new or changing markets data being introduced by ISO New England across all markets and applications
    • Verification of metering, billing and settlement data provided by ISO New England
    • Analysis and Verification of market mitigation events impacting customer offers
  • Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualizations of data provided by ISO New England to market participants
  • Advisory services to ensure that appropriate levels of data security and protection are in place to protect customer data


Why Us?

Our knowledge and experience working on Energy Industry applications extends back to 1990. We are uniquely qualified to provide an expert level understanding of the New England Electric markets and operations through the combination of  a deep understanding of the data flows within the New England Energy Markets, gained from having built ISO-NE's own Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform, and superior technical skills/knowledge with the tools used to perform thorough and reliable analysis of this data. Our demonstrated success in the development of NAESB standards and committee developments ensure that client needs are addressed early in the development process.  We are not aware of any other service provider with the combination of superior technical skills and an intimate knowledge of ISO New England energy markets  that has successfully used this knowledge to represent client interests in the development of  energy industry standards (NAESB) and rules.