Reliable Energy Analytics

Data and Security Analytics for the Electric industry


Testing and Verification


Our analysts perform deep analysis during the pre-production testing phase of new or changing markets data provided by ISO New England market applications. An analyst performs a comprehensive series of tests and analyzes the results to identify any issues that may adversely affect your business. This service will ensure that your data needs are being met by ISO New England, and the "kinks" are removed, before go live.

 Our verification services are designed to ensure that you receive everything you're entitled to from the New England Electric markets and aren't being over charged, or under paid. We analyze the data you receive from ISO New England to determine if you're payments and charges are in line with your contributions and obligations to the New England electric markets. We will work with ISO New England on your behalf to address any issues or concerns identified.

Data and Security Analytics


Our consultants are "the experts" when it comes to applying analytic solutions to address the difficult challenges facing Electric Utilities with responsibilities to protect and maintain secure, reliable electric service. The challenges faced by these Utility Companies come in many forms from cybersecurity to financial risks and operational failures. Properly designed analytic solutions can give Companies  the insights needed to address these challenges. 

Our consultants have real world technical expertise in data analytic platform design/development using Oracle Technologies (OBIEE) along with a deep knowledge of Wholesale Energy Markets and Smart Grid operations. We have both knowledge and experience in the design and development of data analytic platforms  for the Wholesale Energy Markets, having designed and built ISO New England's own robust data analytics platform over the past 10 years. Let our consultants help you find the path to a successful, robust data analytics platform. 

But our analytic solutions go well beyond data by providing patent pending technologies designed to perform verification of software object integrity and authenticity to protect the grid from malware that could disrupt Bulk Electric System operations.

Technical Advisory Services


 Our experts have over 14 years working with ISO New England applications, data and technologies. We believe it is far better to influence the direction of new market designs and industry standards early in the process, i.e. during committee meetings when options are first being discussed. Our influence and leadership of industry standards began in 1995, with NAESB (, OASIS ( and the ISO/RTO Council ( and our success has been recognized and rewarded with an ANSI Meritorious Service Award (  ) . 

We have a solid track record of working within the industry to ensure your needs are being properly addressed, when these standards and market rules are being developed, so that you won't have to "live with whatever falls out of the process".  

Our experts will work on your behalf in committee meetings and standards development to ensure that your business, technical and data needs are being represented, and will be factored into whatever solution is being proposed.

This service offering also includes data security strategies and solutions to ensure that your data is secure and accessible to only those parties with the proper authorization to see the data.